Adding a flex room to your new home plans is a popular way of increasing its value. And it can also prove advantageous for your family.

The beauty of a flex room is that it can be used for pretty much anything.

If you are short on ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the possibilities that a flex room could mean for you.


Having a home bar is a novel and fun idea and surprisingly easy to do.

This could be the ideal suggestion for your flex room space, especially if you are a keen entertainer and frequently host dinner parties.

With some bar stools and a free standing island, you can transform your dead space into a party zone for socializing.

Don’t forget to add a comfortable sofa and a large screen television, to keep your guests entertained.

And when the party’s over, it can be used as an entertainment lounge, to catch up on the latest box set!


If you aren’t convinced of the need for a special room dedicated to one purpose, what about a room for multi purposes?

A flex room lends itself well to the solutions that your unique situation demands.

For example, a multi-purpose room may have elements of a living room, but also be ably equipped to turn into a guest’s spare bedroom as well.

With some careful planning, you can multi-purpose a sitting room so it transforms quickly and easily into a sleeping room or an office.

A sofa bed is a simple compromise between a second lounge and an extra bedroom.

The use of Ottomans and other storage containers can help to disguise the various roles your flex room plays.

This could one minute be a kids play area and the next transformed into a second television room.

By choosing well with the décor and functionality of the furnishings, a flex room can become all things to all members of the family!


For anyone who plays an instrument – or who has even just wanted to be able to – a flex room is the ideal opportunity to do so.

If you always wanted somewhere to put a piano or a place to chill out with your guitar, a designated music room is just the ticket.

By having a separate room for your musical instruments, it will be easier to spend more time practicing and playing.

It can also be used as a great place to chill out with your favorite vinyl records!

By adding a flex room to your plans you are adding more potential to your home and extra space to do the things you always wanted to.