Our print deals come in two page, four page and six page spreads.

These are included as features within our monthly issue.

We custom write and research an in-depth article on your business.

With the most talented writers in the home build trade, we can craft and create an attractive profile, to reach out to our readers.

It is not necessary to take out an advertisement with our publication to take advantage of this great service. Although should you decide to do so, it will come with a 15% discount.

Our journalists are experts in their field and knowledgeable about the industry.

The article will be professionally designed and printed on our high quality, high resolution paper and included as part of our monthly issue.


Your company can also reach out to our viewers via our website.

All print packages include a free feature on our website. But it is also possible to purchase a web package separate to our print deal.

Your web advert will be linked into the relevant stories in our monthly issue and direct readers straight to your website.

Our talented web designers can create the advertisement for you. This can take the form of a sidebar advert, a banner ad or something else.

Either way, this is a first rate way to get noticed by our viewers and to direct traffic to your web page.


In addition to a feature in our printed journal and a presence on our website, an embedded video can help to introduce yourself to the viewer further.

Video has a direct appeal to the viewer and can be used as an informal introduction method.

Show our readers exactly what you are made of and the services that you can provide.

The beauty of video is that even with the sound down, you can still make an impression on the viewer. All you need is thirty seconds of their time and they can be converted into potential customers.

Video brings an immediacy to your viewers, which other media cannot.

Therefore, it is a highly effective ROI and provides excellent value for money.

The pull power of an introductory or explainer video cannot be underestimated on the readers of our publication.

And our creative video production crew know just how to call the shots on your advertisement!

For a quote, more information or maybe just a chat about our products, contact Deanna Westward today.